How to Change the Theme of the XFCE Terminal

I use XFCE as my primary desktop environment. It’s a fast, lightweight operating system that when combined with Synapse provides a great, lag-free computing experience.

As a typical developer and Linux user, I use the terminal quite a bit. XFCE’s terminal emulator has a pretty bland default theme. There is an awesome repository called Base16 that provides a wide selection of themes for the terminal.

To install one of these themes, you need ensure the existence of the directory ~/.config/Terminal/. Then, run the following command:

curl -L > ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc

Replace the URL with the raw of whatever theme you want to use. Check out the Base16 website to preview all available themes. The changes should take effect next time you run a command; if not, just restart the terminal.

These themes are a huge step up compared to the default. Personally, I use the “Bright” theme. Have fun with a nice looking terminal!

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