Cordelia: A command-line program to test you on your Shakespeare

In English class, we have an assignment to memorize a bit of a Shakespeare play. I, bored, wrote up a simple program in about an hour to test you on how well you know the individual lines of a text file. If you don't specify a file, it defaults to the first part of the famous St. Crispen's day speech in Henry V. Here's a link to the Bitbucket project: You can download cordelia-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT at that site. The program is  contained within a zip file. For Windows users, double click the run.bat file. For Mac users, it's a little trickier -- navigate to the directory where the unzipped files are in Terminal and type in "sh". For Linux, run the sh file. (I haven't used Linux in a while so I don't know the exact process)

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