Handy Manny: A Racist Brainwasher for the Next Generation of Young Americans?

This morning, I went downstairs to see my brother watching "Handy Manny" on the television. The title opening played and I saw a Hispanic handyman with a stubborn middle-aged Caucasian male interacting. I was shocked to see these stereotypes. While they may or may not have been intended, yes, Handy Manny does include stereotypes. Watch the intro and you'll see what I mean:


Handy Manny Paints this picture:

Here in America, the Hispanic and other minorities are the nice, kind workers and serve the rich, white people. (Handy Manny) Here in America, the Americans are stuck up snobs that think they're better than the working classes and think they can do everything on their own. (Mr. Lopart) These are absolutely HORRIBLE cliches of America.

It's sickening. Disney needs to look for subliminal messages before they post or publish their TV shows; they're preparing a new wave of racism. Children do not notice these subliminal messages and are almost always pulled into this racism. (Think Nazi!)

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