What is The Game?

Lose the GameHave you ever heard someone talk about The Game? Have you at least ever heard someone say you lost The Game? After that, have you gotten mad at them and asked them what the game was? Then they talk about losing the game again and you are just plain confused? Here is what the game is.
The Game's name is called "The Game". There are only three rules to the game.

  1. If you know what The Game is, you are playing the game.
  2. When you think of The Game, you lose The Game.
  3. Every time you Lose the Game, you must announce, "I lost the game."

In other words, you just lost The Game.

This is probably the world's most infamous mind virus. Please feel free to infect your friends with this virus by either sharing this post or just simply telling them about it.

I first heard about the game while at the SMU TAG program. Everyone was saying, "I lost The Game" in class in unison constantly, so after about a week, I asked a friend what The Game was. He replied that "you don't want to know". After nagging him for a few seconds about it, he finally told me the rules of The Game, shown above. I immediately announced my loss, he did, then I was in on this mind virus.

According to one resource, the game was created in London. Nobody knows for sure, though.

By the way, this is called "ironic processing" -- where you think about something by trying not to think about it.

Here's the best resource on The Game: The Game

Happy Gaming!

Oh, and to win The Game, you have to completely forget that The Game exists! Have fun doing that!

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