Breathing? There's a Facebook page for that.

The Facebook Page for BreathingApple. There's an app for that. Verizon. There's a map for that. Facebook? There's a page for that. Some are completely legit, such as a page for Facebook or a page for your city or even a page for your school district. But then comes the pages that clog up Facebook's servers: Breathing. Sleeping. Sleeping with one leg out of the covers. College-Ruled Paper. Not "Becoming A Fan" Of Everything. (Hypocrite!)

Seriously, you know the people who become a fan of Facebook being too slow? The reason Facebook has gotten so slow is because of both AJAX, Javascript, and an overload of pages/groups! Sure someone may have a good reason to have a page, such as to promote a business or page, but this is a step too far. This is why Facebook is so slow, people. Pages like this use up all of the database memory and power. Even apps don't drag Facebook this slow; most requests and files come from other websites!

Trying to Put a T-Shirt On Without Messing Up Your HairHere's one I recently found which 20 of my friends are already fans of: Trying To Put On A T-shirt Without Messing Up Your Hair. Don't we all do that? If I'm not a fan of it, does that mean I don't care about my hair? Does that mean I'm a messy person? They even created an image for the purpose of this page.

Another example is "Questions on a test that give away the answers to other questions". If I don't become a fan of this, does this mean that I don't like getting questions right? Does this mean that I like hard questions? Does this mean I want to fail class? Sooner or later, we all become fans of questions like this. Do we have to be fans?

What is really annoying is those groups which ask you to invite all of your friends. Request spam, etc, is all over the place. The other day, I was invited to "Texas, the bipolar state" and "February 11, 2010. The day it snowed 4 inches in Frisco."

Seriously, page spam and random friending has to stop. These create nuisances all over the place -- on walls, in messages, requests, etc.

If you really want to become a fan of sleeping, sleep instead of spamming us.

I really think that Facebook should start approving pages.

How about you?

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