How to Get Free Points in My Coke Rewards in 5 Easy Steps

My Coke Rewards LogoEver heard of My Coke Rewards? Obviously, you have, since you are reading this page. But back to the point -- I've come up with an ingenious way to see the codes of Coke bottles WITHOUT having to buy (or open) the bottles themselves.
Supplies needed:

  • Bright LED light / iPhone 4
  • Voice Recorder/Notepad/iPhone 4
  • Mirror (optional, may even make things more difficult)

Step 1: Find a 2-liter bottle of dark cola

Dark cola refers to either Coca-cola, Diet-coke, or whatever they sell these days that is dark. It is crucial that the cola is dark, for if you use something such as Sprite, you will not be able to use my method. Place the bottle in a spot where you can view the top easily. (Make sure the shop managers can't see you in the middle of a crowded aisle too -- don't get caught!)

Step 2: Turn on your LED light

This is crucial in being able to view the code. The light should be bright and inconspicuous. I have a good one below.

Streamlight Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

I personally use my own iPhone 4 and use a free app called LED Strobe, but you can do whatever you want.

Step 3: Touch the LED to the top of the cap

The LED should be right on the cap, allowing as much light as possible to shine through the cap into the bottle.

Step 4: Look at the reflection

The underside of the cap should reflect into the cola. Find a good vantage point in which you are able to view the reflection of the cap in the cola. Make sure the cola is as still as possible. The letters will of course be mirrored, so make sure you're reading in the right direction! (To figure out what direction you're looking at the text in, look at a letter that is easy to see the direction of, for example, R. If the "R" looks like "Я", read right to left, up to down. If the "R" looks like "ʁ", read left to right and down to up. You can do the same for various other letters.

Step 5: Record the code

To record the codes, I usually go down a row and recite the codes into the voice memo app for iPhone. You could also write down the codes, record them into your own voice recorder, or whatever.


  • Line the Coke bottles up in a row. It'll make it easier to record multiple codes.
  • Go to a less-crowded aisle. I went to the bargain-deals aisle to record the codes.
  • If someone catches you, shop what you're doing and say you're looking at the expiration dates or just looking around.
  • Don't overdo it. Share the codes with people; you can only get 200 points a week.

Free Tropicana Rewards Codes

Go to your local grocery and find "Trop50". The codes are on the back externally so you could easily record the codes that way.

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