5 Reasons Why the HTC One X is Still Better Than The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has recently been released. However, here are a few reasons why I still prefer my trusty Android phone.

1. Bigger Screen

While it may not have a fancy "Retina display," the HTC One X has a beautiful screen much more vivid than that of the iPhone. While the screen is less dense in pixels than the iPhone, it has more pixels (720 x 1280 vs the iPhone's 640 x 1136) and pixels are still very small.

2. Better Camera

The camera of the HTC One X is 1.3 megapixels whereas the iPhone's is 1.2. The One X also has a front-facing camera like the iPhone.

3. Standard Connector

The One X uses micro USB, a very standard and common connector in mobile devices, making it easy to reuse cables for other things. The iPhone 5 has a new connector which is completely unique from any other.

4. Haptic Feedback

Pressing the touch screen on the HTC One X provides haptic feedback. Basically, it feels like you're pressing buttons when you type. This feedback makes it feel a lot better to type or press buttons on the touch screen.

5. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

While it isn't the latest version of Android, Android 4.0 is still much better than iOS 6. It features widgets, typing via swiping, multitasking that lets you see your windows, and more. The Android OS is a lot more flexible and a lot better than the latest iOS which looks pretty much the same as the last version.

Overall, the HTC One X is still a great competitor to the iPhone 5. It also only costs $100 + plan vs the iPhone 5's $199 + plan.

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