A Funny Game Idea

The other day, I was daydreaming and came up with a funny game which I call the "Computer Jargon" game. See if you can guess the references!

  • Trees that are Octrees
  • A bank with a wall made out of fire
  • A heap of dirt -- Big chunks of dirt on the top
  • A real tree with branches only leading to objects at the tips of branches (and at splits)
  • A library filled with packages (hahahahaha)
  • Indonesia being full of programmers
  • A pet python which you can script to do stuff
  • Colored, 4-pane windows
  • To "bash" someone you have to type a command in chat
  • Red gemstones that do some scripted stuff
  • A bus company named "Universal Serial"
  • Many, many more things...
Maybe this should be some sort of flash game. Programmer's game? I don't know, but it'll really be funny if I do decide to make it! The goal of this game is to refer to as many programming and computer-related references as possible. Make it an MMO? I don't know. What I do know is that it should be an RPG. Also, I need to learn more programming terms... all I know is I really want to make this game some time.

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