5 Reasons Why I Say NO to Obamacare

Obama's universal healthcare passed was put into effect today, March 23. No, I am not racist, and no, I am not a Republican. My political stance is neutral since I support who I think is best. Even so, I still don't like this universal healthcare plan. Why? Here are 5 of my stances.

1. Our nation's growing debt

As of the end of 2009, our debt was approximately USD 12 trillion. (This even is rounding down more money than what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet hold combined.) Apparently, approximately $100 billion a year will be spent on this act. It is estimated we will get our money back by the end of 2020, but I don't believe this. Why?

2. More taxes imposed on higher-income people

Obama proposed this a lot earlier, too, and this will up the taxes even more. People supported his belief in this because 1) the rich (Bernard Madoff) ruined the economy, 2) the poor are getting poorer, and 3) they were in that 95%. The problem is, the higher-income people also make our jobs, etc. If the higher-income people can't pay people to do their jobs, guess what? Outsourcing happens. Soon most jobs will be outsourced and...

3. We will lose our white-collar and middle-class jobs

White-collar jobs involve the tech support, the programmers, the manufacturing plants (they're all in China anyways), the marketing analysts, etc. When these are gone, the people who worked hard to earn good degrees will go away.

4. The lowest 25% will lose their jobs

The people who mow your lawn, clean your house, etc will lose their jobs out of middle-class frugality. Only the rich will afford it.

5. All our money is now outsourced

It's all in the overseas people. The businesses will eventually move overseas out of lack of consumers and we'll all be on Obamacare. You know what, that doesn't sound too bad. Nobody has to work! XD

Of course, this is very exaggerated. Most likely, the taxes on the rich will lose only a few jobs. At least everyone lives, right? But if taxes on higher-income people go up (which they will once Obamacare is long enough) we'll have barely enough jobs for the people of Colorado.

So, what do you think?

If you like Obamacare, why?

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