Redoing Frisco in Sim City 4 - Is it possible?

Many of you know I'm from Frisco, etc. So for Future City today, I decided to try and remake the region.

I started out spending about 4 hours trying to follow this tutorial, but I never succeeded. Out of frustration, I decided to terraform the region.

A miserable failure.

As you can see, I started out by Teel/Lebanon. When I tried to add Bledsoe Elementary school, the range of the elementary school was limited and could not reach to the areas it covers in real life. I mean really, they should allow that! They don't even let buses go there in real life since Bledsoe is so close to the Teel/Lebanon community! (less than 2 miles)

So anyways, I rest my case that Sim City 4 still needs to be improved. I even like Sim City 3K Unlimited since although it looks worse, it has way less glitches. (this is not a glitch, but still...)

Centennial Medical Center would be WAY too far from the area, and so would Frisco High. Everything had to be cramped here. I really wish I could have built a successful Frisco in this city; it would have been nice.

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