Laziness is the Key to Failure

SlothI have to admit, I’ve been pretty lazy with this blog.
I haven’t posted since last year, and my common excuse is homework overload.
Because of this, I haven’t had readers. I should have about 300 posts right now, but laziness killed me.

I’ve been playing a wacky game called Grepolis, got a guitar, went to various school-related activities in hotels, got Civilization 5, etc. But that should not stop me from doing what I should be doing.
Even if a blog post is as short as this one, I shouldn’t just fail to blog. Consistency is the key to success.
If you look at all of those people who are doing well – Facebook guy, Steve Jobs, even the founder of Quizlet – you can see that they had a hobby which they stuck with.
While this blog post may just be written to myself and only about 5 people will read it, it doesn’t matter.
What does matter is that I will be changing my habits from this day on. Even if I have a Mac. I need to be like what I was back in March last year.
So anyways, I will be starting a funky new project called OrestesFW. It will be a framework in which I build other sites off of. I hope to build a Quizlet clone to someday. I will get that framework up and running by the end of the summer.
I will be blogging more often, once every two days at least.
Anyways, to sum this up, laziness is the key to failure. I just wasted a year of my life and I hope to never do that again.

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