Getting Django To Work With Vagrant

I was having problems getting Django working with Vagrant, then I stumbled upon this StackOverflow answer. The problem with the port forwarding is not with Vagrant, but with Django itself. You need to bind to, no

The Coffeescript Keyword Nobody's Heard Of: 'by'

Coffeescript is an amazing language. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite languages, second only to JavaScript. Here’s some recent code I used to split up one array into a multidimensional array with a certain nu

JSON Backends Are The Next Big Thing

AngularJS is an awesome web framework made by Googleto create “structured web apps”. In this framework, templating is done client-side,so all the server needs to do is send data to the client via HTTP. Thus, no templatin

How to Have Language-Specific Settings in Vim

I wanted to set up Vim so that Coffeescript files would use 2 spaces for indentation. This was very simple: Create a file at ~/.vim/ftplugin/<language>.vim where <language> is the language you want to modify

Setting up Virtual Hosts in Apache

Today, I wanted to put my downloads on a different domain from my screenshots. Not wanting to manage multiple servers for no reason, I set up virtual hosts, also known as vhosts. Basically, depending on what domain you v

Adding a Provided JAR as a Dependency in a Gradle Project

Adding a JAR as a dependency is simple in Gradle. In your dependencies {}, add the following line: 1compile files('file.jar') Where file.jar is the path to the JAR from the root directory of the repository. For example,