Using form-horizontal with simple_form in Rails 4

simple_form is a really great gem for generating bootstrap forms. However, you have todo a little extra to get it working with Bootstrap’s form-horizontal class. TheREADME doesn’t mention this, but it’s built in. Just wr

How to skip all Yaourt prompts on Arch Linux

Yaourt is probably the best tool to automatically download and install packages from the Arch User Repository, also known as AUR. It’s really powerful; however, by default, it prompts you a LOT for confirmations of diffe

Why hard work doesn't matter

Hard work pays off. That expression is always said in today’s society, and it’s considered a good trait to have. However, many people every day work hard, yet they still find themselves struggling to pay bills or live. I

Getting Django To Work With Vagrant

I was having problems getting Django working with Vagrant, then I stumbled upon this StackOverflow answer. The problem with the port forwarding is not with Vagrant, but with Django itself. You need to bind to, no

The Coffeescript Keyword Nobody's Heard Of: 'by'

Coffeescript is an amazing language. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite languages, second only to JavaScript. Here’s some recent code I used to split up one array into a multidimensional array with a certain nu

JSON Backends Are The Next Big Thing

AngularJS is an awesome web framework made by Googleto create “structured web apps”. In this framework, templating is done client-side,so all the server needs to do is send data to the client via HTTP. Thus, no templatin